about me

I was born and raised in London. I have always been a person who believed in love and peace. One of the things are am passionate about it yoga which gave me the tools for inner peace.I feel so deeply connected to my emotions and thoughts within me I want to share this with the world. I still love that connection of the deeper sense of self - the deeper emotional connection in all people I meet.

Coaching and yoga allows me to connect with people at that deeper, emotional level. Get in touch with the expressions and the emotions their being is expressing into the world. I feel the same excitement and sense of awe seeing someone's life unfold as I would seeing a beautiful work of art.

I have great respect and admiration for people who are seeking to improve their lives. It takes a sense of humility and courage to embark on a course of self-improvement and self-awareness. I feel honored and privileged to assist people on their individual journey. I view the space we create to explore, learn and grow as sacred ground. It is a place of infinite possibilities.

I am still on my journey and plan to be until I take my last breathe. It's part of who I am. I will constantly seek and become more and more aware of how to feed my physical body (health), my mental body (psyche), my emotional body (feelings) and my energetic body (essence). If I had one message for the world it would be this: You have many bodies, and they all need to be balanced, nourished and fed.